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Your market is looking for information, insight, and solutions. Be the company that delivers all of them.

A blog remains the foundation of an effective SaaS marketing strategy. It’s your company’s platform to publish value-driven content and build an audience that views you as a authoritative voice within your space.

The Moment Principle’s writers and content strategists are skilled in delivering value to business audiences. Whether you just need a copywriter to bring your posts to life, or want help to develop and execute a new vision, the result will be a blog that converts.

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Blogging for SaaS Thought Leaders

SaaS blogs fail when they are viewed solely as a sales tool. Companies waste countless dollars or hours of employee time creating variations of the same content. Content that focuses on them.

No audience respects a blog that reads as a long and detailed feature list for your product. Effective blogging builds thought leadership by focusing on providing real value to the discussion. A blog should be a resource, not a sell sheet.

The Moment Principle works with you to identify topics your audience cares about, research them, and only then write posts that add your expertise to the conversation. Your blog becomes a valuable public forum where your audience comes to get informed and think critically.

SaaS Blog Marketing Strategy

Developing this kind of public form is necessary because SaaS lead generation takes time. There is no single magic blog post that will get a SaaS buyer to convert. The Moment Principle nurtures leads by writing blog content for every stage of the sales funnel.

Your content strategist will help you understand the relationship between your product and audience better in order to identify personas, pain points, and value propositions that resonate at every stage of your sales pipeline.

Next, SEO keyword research will identify the keywords your audience uses to get answers to these questions and help with these problems. Your blog will incorporate them in its posts, increasing SERPs and engagement.

This is how the Moment Principle creates blogging strategies that combine good data and clear writing. The result is content that both ranks high on search engines and delivers value to the real human beings reading it.

SaaS Blogging Tips

Our strategy reflects the fact that the best B2B blogging tip is a simple one — you are an expert in your space, so start acting like one.

The Moment Principle will help you get beyond thinly veiled sales pitches and start using your blog to talk about the research, pain points, and disruptions your audience actually cares about.

The more value-driven content you publish, the more your authority grows. People in your space turn to you to lead the conversation, increasing the credibility of your product as a solution. Conversions are not far behind.

To learn more about how a blog with value-driven content can be used as part of an overall content marketing strategy, click here.

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