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SaaS Case Study Copy Writing

Your company solves your customers’ problems. Tell your audience the stories behind the results.

Social proof is the most effective SaaS lead generator. Most people ask for recommendations about a product or service before making a purchase. Companies are no different. Marketing messaging increases awareness and engagement, but before your leads will convert they want someone to vouch for your results.

SaaS case studies are that corporate social proof. They broadcast your track record of providing value.

The Moment Principle helps you tell your story to the market in a way that drives conversions.

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How to Write a SaaS Case Study

SaaS case study writing fails when it isn’t backed by methodology and planning. Many companies ask a happy client or two to do an interview about their experience and call it a case study.

This haphazard approach does not maximize the ROI potential of your satisfied clients. To do that, you need to think of writing case studies as a long-term process and not a single conversation.

Writing effective case studies begins at the beginning of your relationship with a client. Your Moment Principle strategist and writer will help you with:

  • Identifying clients to write case studies about
  • Approaching clients about collaborating with you on a case study
  • Documenting the value you provide for use in the case study
  • Creating a compelling narrative to tell the story of you and your client
  • Writing the case study copy

SaaS Case Study Strategy

Compelling case studies combine empirical data with emotional storytelling.

Your strategist will sit with you and identify the metrics about your product or service that your audience finds relevant. Then, they will help you develop a plan to work with your case study participants to track them.

Next, your strategist will use that data to come up with a story that demonstrates ROI, and the emotional impact of eliminating pain points.

Instead of a boring, generic interview that no lead wants to read, you’ll have an interesting history of a collaboration that got results.

Tell Compelling SaaS Case Study Stories

The Moment Principle team has years of experience telling compelling stories for businesses. Your strategist and writer will help you pinpoint the data your leads care about and the narratives they respond to.

Whether you are looking to tell the story of a specific feature, unique project, or overall relationship with a client, your copywriter will do it in a way that resonates and creates ROI.

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