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Email marketing is the only place your message is delivered directly to your audience. An inbox presence creates an intimate connection with prospects, leads, and customers that cannot be achieved by any other content marketing channel.

SaaS email marketing serves many purposes because it drives conversions at every stage and with every persona. Use it to share your content and nurture prospects.

The Moment Principle can help you create email marketing strategies, content, and campaigns that communicate value and convert your subscribers. Our writers and strategists can work within your existing team, or own the process from start to finish.

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SaaS Email Marketing Strategies

Your email subscriber list is a valuable strategic marketing resource. It cannot be taken away by a competitor like SEO rankings. The cost of using it won’t skyrocket like PPC. Its reach won’t suddenly be halved following a platform update like social media.

But you have to know how to use it. Email marketing strategies that convert create persona-based nurturing tracks, write clear email copy to deliver specific value at every stage, and continuously adapt based on empirical results.

As part of its persona work, your Moment Principle strategist will work with you to develop a messaging and delivery strategy for maximum impact. Then, your writer will draft email copy that delivers that value in clear language.

SaaS Email Marketing Automation

Email marketing automation creates lead nurturing tracks that deliver relevant messaging at the right time. It also allows you to scale your marketing with your list size. You won’t miss an opportunity because a lead or prospect fell through the cracks.

Moment Principle strategists use automation to consistently and effortlessly deliver the right message to subscribers at the right time. You will get help to:

  • Set up your platform to send lead nurturing email sequences that convert
  • Set up your platform to send out emails based on behavioral “trigger events” like visiting your site, opening a piece of content, or clicking a link
  • Set up your platform to send autoresponder emails to welcome new subscribers, or re-engage with them if they are inactive

SaaS Email Campaign Management

Access to an inbox is a privilege, not a right. Effective email marketing consistently delivers value to subscribers.

Your Moment Principle strategist will use all of the most proven campaign management tactics to do this for you, including:

  • A/B testing of email copy and subject lines
  • CTA writing
  • Subscriber list segmentation
  • Newsletters
  • Deliverability
  • Landing page copy

You will be able to build your subscriber lists, segment contacts, engage with them, and evaluate empirical data about results in order to adjust. Your email marketing will deliver messages and distribute your content in the way most likely to create conversions.

To learn more about how white paper content can increase the effectiveness of your email marketing even further, click here.

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