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The market has a problem. Your product offers a solution. White papers deliver the message to your audience.

White papers are a cornerstone of effective SaaS lead generation. They either explain a problem your product solves, or demonstrate thought leadership by adding new information and analysis to the conversation in your space.

The Moment Principle takes complex, technical SaaS products and explains their functionality in clear, precise language. No one will need a technical background or a PhD in data or computer science to understand the value your product provides.

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How to Select a SaaS White Paper Topic

Successful SaaS white papers begin before a single word is written. Our process starts with understanding your target audience and identifying specific personas to write for.

Your Moment Principle strategist will take into consideration:

  • The stage of the sales funnel you want to engage with
  • The pain points and/or interests of a target persona
  • The overlap between your personas’ pain points/interests and the value your product provides

Your white paper topics will be the areas where personas’ pain points/interests and your company’s value converge.

White Paper Structure

White papers are long-form content of 2,500 words or more. They cover one of three things:

  • A general topic relevant to your industry or target personas
  • A common pain point or skill relevant to your audience
  • A specific feature of your company’s product

Your Moment Principle strategist will structure your white papers in the best way to provide value to the stage of your sales funnel it written for.

Top of funnel white papers answer questions that are broad in scope, so their structure is usually to provide answers to questions. Bottom of funnel white papers detail specific solutions, so their structure is usually to isolate pain points and enumerate features that relieve them.

Technical White Paper Writing

White papers explaining features or processes in B2B SaaS products require detailed but concise text. Your Moment Principle writer will work with you to understand the problem your product addresses and how it solves it.

Your white papers will be differentiated from competitors because they will be written in simple, exact language. Writers at The Moment Principle do not focus on using complicated phrases and industry buzzwords. They eliminate the technical jargon and explain your product in language regular humans use.

Marketing Agency SaaS White Paper Writing

 SaaS white paper writing is an important marketing strategy for any high-tech company.

Your content marketing strategist will:

  • Help you understand the opportunities at every stage of the funnel
  • Choose the most relevant white paper topics
  • Explain the value your company provides in a clear, conversational tone

The Moment Principle can also help you to better use white papers as a part of your overall marketing strategy. To learn more about how our content SEO services can help you write white papers relevant to your audience, click here.

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