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SaaS Content Audit

You’ve been spending a lot of time and money creating content, but you aren’t seeing the results. You need to figure out what you are doing right, what you are doing wrong, and how you can do better.

The Moment Principle conducts content audits that are data driven and focused on SEO results. Basic KPIs like organic keyword rankings are where we start. But your strategist’s real goal is to understand the impact your current content is having on conversions and ROI.

They will also look for topical gaps in your content. You will be able to focus on what works now, and find new winning strategies for the future.

Audit My Content

Measuring the KPI that Drive Conversions and ROI

An SaaS content audit is only as good as what it measures. The Moment Principle digs into your Google Analytics data to look at the KPI that indicate your content’s effectiveness at producing conversions and ROI.

The list of metrics your strategist will look at includes:

  • Total Organic Clicks
  • Landing Page Bounce Rates
  • Exit Pages
  • Goal Completions
  • Keyword Organic Ranking
  • Mobile Usability
  • Crawl Errors

Audience Personas, Pain Points, and Sales Funnel Stages

Content must be targeted to deliver value to your audience. Your strategist will discuss your audience with you, and then look at your old personas and sales funnels to understand your previous strategies.

Your strategist will work to understand your audience’s their pain points at every stage of their buying cycle. Then, they will address those pain points with value-driven content.

Research can include:

  • Discussions with Sales and Marketing teams
  • Surveys of current leads
  • Landing page redesigns to better collect business intelligence
  • Social media outreach
  • Personalised email and phone calls to customers and leads

Creating Content that 

After reviewing KPI, your strategist will use the data to build a better content strategy moving forward. This is a structured, systematic process that includes:

  • Deleting old content that is underperforming
  • Reading through all content the data suggests is worth keeping to make a final, subjective decision.
  • Optimisation of fields like Titles and Meta Descriptions
  • Doing SEO keyword research to develop new topics and areas of focus for future content
  • Creating a content calendar to make note of key industry dates

Data Driven SaaS Content Audit

SaaS companies invest a lot into building their content strategies. But creating content isn’t enough. A systematic approach that uses quantitative analysis to make qualitative decisions is best. The Moment Principle’s strategists know how to perform both.

If you feel like your content strategy is stagnant, a content audit is an opportunity to reassess while continuing to build momentum and hope for the future. The Moment Principle can help you revamp what you do and develop an iterative content machine that delivers value and drives conversions.

To learn more about how The Moment Principle follows up on its audits by creating content for SEO purposes, click here.

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