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Your audience turns to Google and other search engines with questions. You need a SEO optimized content strategy that shows the algorithm you have the answers.

Businesses fail to rank well in search because they don’t understand what search engine optimization is all about. In the past, adding keywords into a collection of vaguely relevant topical blog posts worked. Today, it does not.

Modern search algorithms are sophisticated, and reward businesses that provide real value to readers. Producing content that consistently covers all the topics relevant to your audience is a must.

Your Moment Principle strategist and writer will help you create content for SEO that gets results.

Create Better SEO Content

High-quality SaaS SEO Content

Keywords should be used to serve searcher intent. Outdated SEO strategies place the focus on creating content around keyword placement and volume. ROI happens when keywords are used as a guide to create content your audience will want to engage with.

Your Moment Principle SEO strategist will:

  • Understand the conversation your audience is having at every stage of the sales pipeline
  • Research the keywords relevant to them
  • Create content that doesn’t just contain the keywords, but actually addresses the intent behind them

SEO Keyword Research for SaaS

Effective SEO keyword research is not just about how to get on Google page one. Our process is a long-term strategic plan to climb search engine rankings by identifying the keywords relevant to all of your audience’s conversations, so you can rank high at every stage of their journey.

Your strategist will differentiate your SEO strategy from competitors by sitting with you to understand the top of funnel, middle of funnel, and bottom of funnel conversations surrounding your product. Then, they will focus on two types of keywords at every stage so you can climb the SERPS: high purchase intent and long tail.

High Intent Keywords

High intent keywords are the terms your audience searches for when they are ready to convert.

Businesses often make the mistake of equating “convert” solely with “purchase.” In fact, purchases are bottom of funnel conversions. Top and middle of funnel conversions look different — and are just as important. They can be subscribing to an email list, downloading a piece of content, requesting a demo with a sales rep, etc.

Your strategist will develop strategies to rank for all these conversations so you can be everywhere your audience is and build a strong pipeline of leads.

Long Tail Keywords

Even if you rank for a highly competitive single keyword, users with different intentions search for it, making it hard to deliver the right message.

Long tail keywords are questions your audience types into search engines when they are looking for specific information. An example is “How do I get help with [X] pain point.” Targeting them is valuable because they are easier to rank for than individual keywords, and because you know the exact value the searcher is looking for when creating content.

Your strategist will help you identify the questions your audience is asking at every stage of their journey —  and deliver a message that converts.

Marketing Agency SaaS SEO

Search engines are constantly changing their algorithms, and your SEO content strategies must continuously evolve to keep your content ranking high.

The Moment Principle’s content strategists and writers keep their finger on the pulse of the world of SEO. Instead of just targeting a few keywords, our team helps you add value to the conversation at every stage of the pipeline.

To learn more about how you can add even more to the conversation through consistent, value-driven corporate blogging, click here.

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